God and Reason

With the advent of the Uncertainty Principal and the Relativity Principals, and now newly found phenomena of Dark Matter, and Dark Energy, and also the existence of the singularity points, and favorable properties of the five known forces of the nature, and extremely precise and favorable values of the Universal Constants, and also many favorable structural properties of the atoms and the molecules, we do have serious problems understanding and grasping the functionality of this extremely fine-tuned Universe. Now, why do we think the Creator who has full control of every particle in this magnificent Universe should be easy to comprehend with this limited intelligence of ours!?

Since when we can dismiss a puzzle just because the puzzle does not make any sense to our intelligence at present time!? Is it possible that the puzzle might be beyond the limitation of our present logic and we can not digest its dynamics with our existing intelligence?

Most of our mystery novels are dealing with some puzzles which they seem impossible scenarios in the beginning, but they have very plausible answer at the end. Hoaxes are the other kind of puzzles which we logically resolve them by exposing their falsehood.

Holy Koran [38:75] He said, "O Satan, what prevented you from prostrating before what I created with My hands? Are you too arrogant? Have you rebelled?"

Oh, please give me a break! How long can we remain this Gullible!?
Maybe these kinds of Myths were sufficient for the primitive Man, but believing in this kind of myth is quite an embarrassment for an educated Man! Man was formed through evolutionary process, as Darwin discovered it precisely. Our new scientific achievements have enabled us to have a clearer view of this evolution. In this process every cell has a conscience of its environment. This conscience is patiently on the march to improve its understanding of its environment. Our individual conscience is just a building block toward advancing this process! Only at its latest stage this consciousness has started to sense the presence of the Creator. And it seems to me our conscience has been guided by our Creator for expanded recognition of this process! Only at this latest stage we have been blessed for such enlightenment. And please do not misunderstand me about the people who reject this assertion, every one of us are in this process altogether. However each one of us is empowered to play a different role! Our debates are one of the great sources for strengthening our logics.

In this view good and bad, angels and evils are the necessary components for advancing the consciousness. Sometimes we achieve our wisdom and enlightenments through pain, hostility, or adversity, and sometimes through pleasures, successes, or triumphs, and sometimes through the harsh acts of the nature, and sometimes through the evils of the evildoers, and sometimes through nurturing environments of the nature, and sometimes through the good deeds of the decent people. All these diverse experiences are necessary for advancing the consciousness. Without all these diverse experiences the consciousness will not be fully developed. All our primitive religions have played a major role in the development of our present consciousness. Those rich experiences of the past are the stepping stones in this process. A fully enriched consciousness empowers us to have a more accurate view of the glory of the Creator.

We do need all these diverse conflicting emotions until our intelligence reaches to the maturity point that we do not need these competing and conflicting stimuli any more. At that point the joy of discovering new horizons, or the burden of solving the life threatening environmental issues will be more powerful than the stimuli of these primitive and sometimes very destructive and savage behaviors. At that point we will feel the weight of the responsibly of the whole consciousness on our shoulders. And that responsibility will overshadow the petty grievances or the small gains and pleasures which motivate us these days.

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Very soon in this page I will present the proof that God is in full control of every particle in this magnificent Universe.

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